Hall of Fame

Anton Bernheart
Years Active: 2004-2006
Heroics Generation – 1
Anton Bernheart joined Heroics Paintball in 2004.  Rather timid at the beginning and completely new to the game of paintball. Anton would eventually turn heads by becoming one the most aggressive and fearless players the Heroics have ever had. He also led the Heroics as co-captain in 2005 and continued to do so throughout 2006.

Ceasar Nierves
Years Active: 2007-2011
Captain of Long Beach Heroics
Heroics Generation – 2
Ceasar Nierves rose above and beyond anything that was ever demanded of  him and truly helped to grow Heroics Paintball. He was always willing to help the young players learn the game. He did whatever he could to help out behind the scenes, and to this day is one of the most revered and missed players this team has ever had the privilege to share the field with.

Will “Smitty” Schmidt
Years Active: 2007-2008
Heroics Generation – 2
When push came to shove, Smitty shoved back. Will’s contribution to Heroics Paintball was not only his speed and aggression as a snake player, but also his mind. Through his tactical maneuvering and his instinctive game play, Will led the Heroics Gen 2 to become a true force to reckon with from 2007 to 2008.